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Spur Gears

Tools, Calculations & References

Spur Gear Tooth Geometry

All dimensions are based on a standard full depth spur gear. All dimensions are in inches.

Enter Pitch (DP):        


 Circular Pitch

  Whole Depth
  Working Depth  
  Tooth Thickness  

Convert Circular Pitch (CP)



Enter Circular Pitch (CP)  

Diametral Pitch (DP)

Module (Mod)

Convert Module (Mod)


Enter Module (Mod)  

Diametral Pitch (DP)

Circular Pitch (CP)






Spur Gears

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Akron Gear
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Spur gears from 1/2" diameter to 120" in diameter

Up to AGMA Class 12

Standard and Metric Pitches

Diametral Pitch
Circular Pitch

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