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Akron Gear & Engineering Site Map

  • Home Page: Akron Gear's Home Page
  • Services: A summary of the services offered at Akron Gear & Engineering, Inc
    • Equipment List: A complete list of the equipment that can be found at Akron Gear & Engineering, Inc
    • Capabilities: A list of the capabilities at Akron Gear & Engineering, Inc
    • Gear Cutting: A summary of Akron Gear & Engineering, Inc.'s gear cutting abilities, including spur gears, helical gears, herringbone gears, bevel gears, miter gears, worm gears, racks and more.
    • Machining: Akron Gear is more than gear cutting. We are also specialist in machining large parts up to 50,000 pounds, including turning , milling, CNC machining, keyseating and more.
    • Reverse Engineering: Akron Gear's engineering staff has the experience and qualifications to supply you with detailed drawings on parts that you may not have drawings for. From fire damage, to high priced OEMs, Akron Gear can help.
    • Gearbox and Equipment Rebuild and Repair: Akron Gear are specialist in power transmission equipment repair and rebuilds, from gearboxes, to barge unloaders, to vale actuators, we have the know-how and man power.
      • Cone Drive: Akron Gear is the first factory authorized repair and remanufacturing center for Cone Drive gearboxes and reducers. This
      • cooling tower gearbox: Akron Gear & Engineering, Inc.'s cooling tower gearbox exchange program will allow you  to have a cooling tower gearbox Model 36 Cooling Tower Drive shipped to you within 8 hours, along with our standard cooling tower gearbox gearbox rebuild and repair experience, we can keep your cooling tower functioning.
      • Valve Actuators: Coming Soon
      • Sootblowers: Coming Soon
      • Bulk Material Handling Equipment: Coming Soon



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