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Akron Gear Services

5 Axis CNC Machining, 50,000 pond machining, 120" Gear Cutting.

Gear Cutting

Akron Gear's reputation was built on our ability to supply large industrial gears. Value, on-time delivery and quality is the cornerstone of our success in this field. Click here for details on our gear cutting capabilities.

Gearbox Rebuild & Repair

From replacing bearings and seals to completely remanufacturing obsolete units, Akron Gear has the ability to refurbish your unit up to 50,000 pounds. Click here for details on our gearbox rebuilding capabilities.

Machining Services

Akron Gear possesses the equipment and knowledge to handle some of the largest machining jobs; from 120" diameter turning to 5-Axis CNC machining. Click here for details about our machining capabilities.

Engineering & Reverse Engineering Services

Parts no longer available from the OEM? Too costly? No Blueprints? No problem! Akron Gear can reverse engineer your parts, even damaged ones, and produce clear, detailed prints to manufacture from or for your records. Click here for details on our reverse engineering capabilities.

Since 1911, Akron Gear & Engineering has been providing quality parts and service to a wide range of industries, from the steel mills to the medical industries

We have built a reputation on quality, on-time delivery and forging partnerships with our customers. We strive to become a part of your company by offering our services as an extension of yours. Akron Gear has formed a number of partnerships with our customers as their complete gear source, as well as gearbox maintenance and remanufacturing services. This allows you to dedicate your time to your customers, and leave the upkeep and maintenance to us.

Flender Gearbox Rebuild

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