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Akron Gear and Engineering Rebuild and Repair

Retrofitting and repairing gear boxes requires a craftsman's sense of balance and precision. Akron Gear & Engineering supplies fast repairs by Barge Unloadertrained engineers, designers and technicians, experienced in the special workings of gear boxes, valve actuators, crush roll journals and other mechanical equipment.

Gear box restoration is the cost effective alternative to equipment replacement. D.O. James, Falk, Wean, Foote-Jones, and Philadelphia are just a few of the name brand gear boxes we have rebuilt for past customers. Your gear box may have years of service left in it. Talk with us before you replace it.

Complete service is available in the handling, disassembling and reconstruction of your gear box whether it's 50 or 50,000 pounds. Special attention is provided for emergency breakdown repairs that may be required to get your equipment back in operation.

Technical assistance is available to examine any design changes that can be made to help improve the load-carrying capability of your existing gear reducers. Whatever the scope of work, from simple replacement of bearings, to the replacement of gears, to the overhaul of the housing, to redesign.

Bearing Distributors offer over 14,000 products to assist us.

To accentuate Akron Gears ability in repair and rebuilding your projects, Bearing Distributors, Inc, Akron Gear's sister company, carries over 14,000 power transmission products to assist us in our projects, as well as the large machining and gear cutting capabilities that made Akron Gear synonymous with quality and service.


Equipment Rebuild At Akron GearNot Just Gearboxes

In addition to gearboxes and reducers, Akron Gear & Engineering has many years experience in other power transmission and mechanical products, including valve actuators, pumps, coal crush journals, barge unloading equipment, bucket equipment, bases and other related products and parts.



Cone Drive

Akron Gear & Engineering can give you an estimated price on any of your Cone Drive units, without you having to take them out of service. All we need is a model number and serial number. We can then quote four levels of rebuilds to you for your budgetary pricing. Click here for more information on Cone Drive and Akron Gear.

Cooling Tower Gearbox

. Click here for details.


Cooling Tower Gearbox Cooling Tower Rebuilds & Repair.

Cooling Tower Gearbox Cooling Tower Drives

Coal Crush Roll Repair & Rebuild.

Coal Crush Journals

Limitorque Valve Actuator

Valve Actuator Rebuilds

bullet Cone Drive Gearboxes
bullet Cooling Tower Gearbox Gearboxes
bullet Sumitomo Gearboxes
bullet Falk Gearboxes
bullet Westinghouse Gearboxes
bullet Foote-Jones Gearboxes
bullet Flender Gearboxes
bullet Chemineer Gearboxes
bullet Pleshy Gearboxes
bullet Kissling Gearboxes
bullet Amarillo Gearboxes
bullet Nutall Gearboxes
bullet Dodge Gearboxes
bullet Sterling Gearboxes
bullet Alten Gearboxes
bullet Furgeson Gearboxes
bullet Valve Actuators
bullet Crush Roll Journals
bullet Barge Unloading Equipment
bullet Bucket Assemblies

Odds are, if you have a piece of mechanical equipment, Akron Gear can refurbish it for you, and has, for others.

All of Akron Gear's rebuilt units come with a guarantee of our services and all parts that we replace.
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