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Akron Gear & Engineering Products

Cone Drive / Textron

Textron Logo

Textron's Cone Drive units are the work horse of gear reducers. With the unique double enveloping worm gear system, these units have more torque than any of the competition. Click here for more details on Cone Drive

cooling tower gearbox Cooling Tower Gearboxes

cooling tower gearbox Cooling Tower Gearbox

Akron Gear not only rebuilds cooling tower gearbox gearboxes, we can also supply new units, parts and service.The electrical generation industry relies on cooling tower gearbox Cooling Tower Drives to keep them up and running.

Akron Gear also stocks cooling tower gearbox units in a rebuild/exchange program. We can ship you a rebuilt unit in less than 24 hours. Click here for details on cooling tower gearbox Gearboxes and our rebuild/exchange program.

Sumitomo Gearboxes & Reducers

Sumitomo Paramax Cooling Tower Drive

Another giant in the gearbox industry - Sumitomo. Akron Gear can now fill all of your Sumitomo requirements, from the precision units, Servo 100, to the large industrial Paramax 9000.

New parts, new units, rebuilds, recommendations and more. Click here for details on Sumitomo gearboxes.

David Brown Reducers and Gearboxes

David Brown Reducers and Gearmotors.

Let Akron Gear supply your next reducer or gearmotor requirements with the David Brown series of reducers from Textron, the same company that brings you Cone Drive.

Right angle, in-line, helical bevels, and more. Click here for details on David Brown gearboxes.

Radicon / Cone Drive Series A

Cone Drive Radicaon Series AThe Series A comes in Junior, Midrange, and Heavy Duty ranges. Units can be mounted in the worm under, worm over and gearshaft vertical mounting positions and provide a choice of shaft arrangements. Series A gives a choice of 12 standard ratios from 5:1 to 70:1, 14 standard ratios in the Heavy Duty from 5:1 to 70:1.


Click here For More Information On Radicon's Series A

Conex Series B Gearboxes and Reducers

Conex Series B Reducers from Textron.

Textron / Cone Drive brings the next generation of small right angle units to you with the Conex Series B reducers and gearmotors.

This is a powerhouse helicoidal unit, providing more torque per center distance than any other unit on the market, with an estimated 30 cost savings over the competition. Click here for details on Conex Series B units.

Bearing Distributors, INC (BDI)

With over 14,000 product lines, Bearing Distributors is one of the worlds largest power transmission product suppliers. If you need it, chances are BDI has it, from bearings and seals, to gearboxes, gears, breathers, motors, clutches and more.

We are not only in a partnership with BDI, but are owned by the same company, making Akron Gear & Bearing Distributors the perfect choice for your power transmission needs. Click here for details on Akron Gear and Bearing Distributors.

Clinker Grinder 33 X 30 Rebuilds & Parts

UCC Clinker Grinder

Akron Gear & Engineering has the experience and knowledge to provide the industries best rebuild & repair on the 33 x 30 Clinker Grinder, in both the Standard version and the Super.

Full Rebuilds - Replacement Parts - Redesigns   

Click Here For More Information On Clinker Grinders



Cone Drive Model HP Gearbox



cooling tower gearbox 36 Cooling Tower Drive



Akron Gear has access to over 14,000 product lines.



Sumitomo Paramax Unit




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