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Messinger Bearings

Rolling Element Bearings From Messinger BearingFor more than 90 years, Messinger Bearings products have withstood the test of time in countless industrial applications. We offer original equipment manufacturers the best selection of high quality, precision bearings money can buy, not to mention all types of replacement bearings. All of our products can be customized to your application and delivered quickly to meet your schedule.

Messinger Bearing specializes in large, custom or unique rolling element bearings for field devices operating in harsh environments such as rock crushing, steel making, pulp & paper, material handling, beverage packaging, and defense. In many cases, Messinger Bearing designed the original OEM bearings, and has shop drawings on hand to ensure drop-in compatibility. In addition, Messinger Bearing can provide a perfect match for competitive replacement bearings and can cross-reference part numbers to simplify ordering and installation. Messinger Bearing industrial bearings can be found in machine tools, precision spindles, truck cranes and lathe centers.

Messinger Bearing Repair And Service

Why replace your damaged ball and roller bearings when you can get them repaired for far less money and have them perform like new? Not only can the Messinger Bearings Repair Program provide savings of up to 65% over the cost of a new bearing, but our aftermarket service specialists will have your bearing back on-line in less time than it takes to have a new one installed.

In addition to the savings, our bearing repair program provides high quality craftsmanship and the shortest possible delivery time.

Our bearing service capabilities include all types of ball and roller bearings, ranging in size from an internal diameter of 2" to an outer diameter of 216".

Messinger Bearings has repaired bearings of all sizes, including large diameter bearings, for steel mills, material handling, machine tools, construction equipment, rock crushers, pulp and paper mills, turntables, and numerous other applications.

We not only service our bearings but those of other manufacturers as well. So no matter what brand of bearing you have, take advantage of Messinger Bearings' 90+ years of bearing maintenance expertise the next time it's damaged and save time and money.

Messinger Bearings

Messinger Bearings and Akron Gear! Bearing repair and service.

Many Types Of Ball And Roller Bearings For Many Applications

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