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Gear Cutting & Machining

bullet Spur Gear to 120" Diameter
bullet Helical Gears to 84" Diameter
bullet Herringbone Gears to 74" Diameter
bullet Bevel Gears to 36"Diameter
bullet Internal Gears
bullet Worm Gear Sets
bullet Internal & External Keyways
bullet 5-Axis CNC Horizontal Machining
bullet VTL Turning  to 110" Diameter
bullet CNC Turning
bullet Rough & Finish Machining

Gearbox Rebuilds
and Repair

bullet Cone Drive
bullet Sumitomo
bullet cooling tower gearbox
bullet Radicon
bullet Kissling
bullet Limitorque
bullet Crush Role Journals
bullet Philadelphia
bullet Eagle
bullet Falk
bullet Foote-Jones
bullet Amarillo
bullet Link Belt
bullet Dodge
bullet Nutall
bullet Westinghouse
bullet Soot Blowers


All Makes & Models.

Online tools and calculators, including gear calculations, weights and more.

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With hundreds of years of combined experience in manufacturing gears, rebuilding and repairing gearboxes, redesigning customer equipment, custom designing gear reducers and machining, Akron Gear & Engineering  has the expertise and knowledge to give our customers the service and quality that they deserve and expect.

Messinger Bearing & Akron Gear

Messinger Bearings

Akron Gear has teamed up with Messinger Bearing. We can now offer a complete line of large, custom bearing services, including design, new parts and repair & service.

Click Here for more information on Messinger Bearing & Akron Gear

Conex Series B Right Angle Reducers

Cone Drive Conex Series B Right Angle Gear Reducer.More Power - Smaller Package!

Replace Dodge, Boston, Grove, Falk Omni, Sterling, EPT Raider, Baldor, Leeson, Alling Lander And More.

This is absolutely the toughest reducer, pound for pound, on the market! See an approximate 30% cost savings over your existing unit!


Textron / Cone Drive
Gearboxes, Gearsets, Rebuilds, New, Parts, Service

Cone Drive Rebuilds Are Our Specialty!

Akron Gear & Engineering, Inc is proud to announce that we are the first

Factory Authorized Cone Drive / Textron Remanufacturing Center

New Units ◊  Parts  ◊  Rebuilds   

Click Here For More Information On Cone Drive

Textron Cone Drive Gearboxes

NEW - Cone Drive Model HP Catalog On-Line!!!

Cone Drive Model HP

We have redesigned the Cone Drive Model HP pages!

It is now easier than ever to find the information that you need on the Cone Drive Model HP Double Enveloping Worm Gear gearbox!

Click Here For The NEW Cone Drive Model HP Page!

NEW - Cone Drive DuoDrive & Extruder Drive On-Line Catalogs

Cone Drive DuoDrive Pinch Roll Gearbox

Cone Drive DuoDrive Pinch Roll Gearbox

Click Here For Details

Cone Drive Extruder Drive
Cone Drive Extruder Drive Gearbox

Click Here For Details

NEW - David Brown Series M & Radicon Series A Catalogs

David Brown Inline Helical Gearbox & GearmotorsDavid Brown Series M Inline Helical Reducers

Click Here For Details

Radicon Series A Reducers

Click Here For Details

NEW - Sumitomo Cyclo 6000 Gearbox Catalog On-Line

Sumitomo Cyclo 6000 Reducer
Now you can download the complete Sumitomo Cyclo 6000 catalog - or just the sections that you need for a faster download.

Click Here For The New Sumitomo Cyclo 6000 On-Line Catalog

NEW - Ameridrives Couplings

Ameridrives CouplingsAmeridrives Coupling and Akron Gear have teamed up to our customers with a larger range of power transmission needs.

Click Here For Details

NEW - Bearing Damage Gallery

Bearing Damage Gallery!!!Have your bearings failed? Click here for our gallery of images of common bearing failures and there cause!

Click Here For Bearing Failures

cooling tower gearbox 36 Cooling Tower Drives

cooling tower gearbox Cooling Tower DrivesThe staff at Akron Gear are specialists when it comes to the repair and rebuild of cooling tower gearbox Cooling Tower drives.

Click Here For Details On cooling tower gearbox Gearboxes

Akron Gear & Engineering
The Power Generation Equipment Specialist

Coal Crusher Journal Assembly

Coal Crusher Journal Assemblies
Valve Actuators - Soot Blowers - Clinker Grinders Power Generation

Power generation equipment is a specialty of Akron Gear. A proven track record with the electric generation companies show with our unique ability to rebuild, repair and maintain crush rolls, valve actuators, barge un-loaders and more.

Click Here For More Information On Crush Rolls and Valve Actuators.

Online Tools & Resources

Please take a few minutes to visit our online tools and resource page.


Why Akron Gear?

Besides our experience and knowledge of the power transmission industry, Akron Gear possesses something that no other gear shop has - Bearing Distributors, Inc. As a sister company of Bearing Distributors, we can bring over 14,000 products to the table to assist us in the rebuild and repair of your equipment. Names like Timken, Chicago Rawhide, National Oil Seal, and many, many more.

Click Here For More Information On Akron Gear & Bearing Distributors

Useful Links

bullet Equipment List: A complete list over Akron Gear's gear cutting and machining equipment
bullet Capabilities List: See a complete list of Akron Gear's gear cutting, machining and gearbox rebuild capabilities.
bullet Past Projects: See just a few of the projects that Akron Gear has successfully completed in the past. (COMING SOON)
bullet Site Map: A complete listing of every page on the Akron Gear website with a brief description of each page for easy navigation.
bullet Catalogs: A page of links to all of the Cone Drive and Sumitomo catalogs on, or downloadable as PDF files. (Coming Soon)

Labor Day 1935: Deadliest hurricane in U.S. historyHURRICANE KATRINA: Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been affected by this horrible disaster. We encourage anyone who is capable to donate to the relief effort. You can make a donation to the Red Cross at the following link.

Akron Gear knows the importance of getting local companies and infrastructures back in business. We would like to offer our assistance as well. Any customers or governments in the storm stricken area will receive priority scheduling of all gears, machining, gearboxes, gearbox rebuilds, etc. We are also offering BREAKDOWN services at no additional charge.

Please feel free to contact us with any needs that you may have and we will do everything possible to assist you. 

You can reach us at…
Akron Gear & Engineering: 800-258-6608 (M-F 7:00 am – 5:00 pm est)
Tom James: 330-727-0190 (Company President) (any time)


Textron Cone Drive Gearboxes

David Brown Gearboxes

Sumitomo Gearboxes & Reducers

Sumitomo Paramax Reducer

 cooling tower gearbox 36 Cooling Tower Drive


cooling tower gearbox  Reducers

Limitorque Valve Actuator

Valve Actuators

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