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Helical Gears

With Akron Gears expansive knowledge and experience with spur gears, it is no surprise that we offer the same abilities with helical gears. We can custom manufacture helical gears up to 84" outside diameter and up to 1.25 DP.

We have supplied helical gears for the steel industry, the rubber industry, OEM equipment builders, bulk material handling equipment builders, the medical industry, mining, the military, automotive industry, The Navy, The Army Corp of Engineers, and the list goes on and on.

Akron Gear can manufacture helical gears from any material suitable for gear manufacturing including all grades of steel, iron, plastic, micarta, phenolic, rawhide, brass, bronze and stainless. Depending on the size and quantities of the order we can produce from barstock, forgings, plate, casting, fabrications, molded parts, precision drawn parts and more.


Helical Gear Information

Helical Gear Calculations: COMING SOON

Akron Gear Helical Gear Capabilities

bullet Up To 84" In Diameter
bullet 1.25 Diametral Pitch
bullet 2.5" Circular Pitch
bullet 20 Module
bullet Hobbed: AGMA Class 8
bullet Ground Tooth : AGMA Class 12

What are Helical Gears?

Helical GearsHelical gears are any gear with the teeth at any angle other than 90 degrees to the face of the gear. The advantage of helical gears is an increased load capacity due to the extended face width over spur gears.

Helical gears may also be ran at 90 degrees to one another by using gears with the same helix angle.

To learn more about helical gears, please visit our helical gear tools & reference page. Coming Soon!


Contact Akron Gear for all of your helical gear needs.

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