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Cone Drive Gearboxes and Gear Sets

With our unique partnership with Cone Drive / Textron, Akron Gear & Engineering can offer factory authorized Cone Drive remanufacturing services. This allows us to combine the skill and quality that is expected from Akron Gear and Textron.

Cone Drive Double Enveloping Worm Gears

All of our technicians were Textron / Cone Drive trained in Traverse City, MI, at Cone Drives own remanufacturing center. All parts that go into our Cone Drive rebuild projects are authentic Cone Drive / Textron parts.
In addition to our quality and experience, you will also get the Textron Warranty on all of our rebuild projects.

Akron Gear & Engineering offers four levels of Cone Drive rebuilds...

bullet Level I: Replace All Internal Parts, Test and Paint
bullet Level II: Replace All Internal Parts Except Output Shaft, Test and Paint.
bullet Level III: Replace All Bearings, Seals, Shims and Speedy Sleeves. Test
bullet Level IV: Replace All Bearings, Seals, Shims and Speedy Sleeves. Test and Paint.

This allows our customers the option of rebuild projects from maintenance to a complete refurbishing of the unit.

You have your own rebuild staff? You can also order the parts from us, including the gearsets.

In order to help Akron Gear quote you a price on your unit...All we need are the Model Number and the Serial Number!

- No need to take your unit out of production

until you are ready to have it rebuilt. -

* Akron Gear can quote a price based on standard units and customer desired rebuild levels. Occasionally the units need more work than is assumed. In such cases, Akron Gear will advise the customer and proceed according to the customers advise.

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Contact Akron Gear today for details.
Call Bill at 1-800-258-6608

Cone Drive Reducers

bullet Duo Drive
bullet Extruder Drive
bullet Model HP (Cone Drive)
bullet Series A Radicon

Please contact Akron Gear for other styles of Cone Drive Units not listed here.

Cone Drive Model HP Gearbox


Don't trust your Cone Drive units to just anyone, Rebuild it with people who know it best.

Akron Gear & Cone Drive

Contact Akron Gear With Your Cone Drive Needs

or Email Bill Moore with any questions.

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