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Cone Drive Gearboxes and Gear Sets

Cone Drive Gearboxes and Gear SetsAkron Gear is proud to announce that we are the first Cone Drive authorized remanufacturing Center. You not only get the years of experience from Akron Gear, but the full backing and technical expertise of Cone Drive.

The unique double enveloping worm gear design of Cone Drive make them the obvious choice in your power transmission needs.

Cone Drive's Double Enveloping Gearsets

Textron Cone Drive Gearboxes

New Cone Drive Units

You can purchase all of your new Cone Drive units directly from Akron Gear. From the Cone Drive Model Hp units, to their Extruder Drives, Akron Gear can supply them, and our customer is unmatched.

Whether it is for a new application, or to replace an existing unit, Akron Gear is the only source you need.

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Cone Drive Rebuild and Repair

As the first Factory Authorized Cone Drive Remanufacturing Center, Akron Gear can service, repair or completely rebuild you damaged, or worn out Cone Drive gearbox.

All of our technicians were trained at the Textron/Cone Drive facility in Traverse City, Michigan by Cone Drive's own engineering and maintenance staff.

You not only receive the experience and quality of all Akron Gear gearbox rebuild staff, but you also receive the full support of Textron / Cone Drive, including warranties.

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Cone Drive Parts

You can call Akron Gear for all of your Cone Drive parts needs, from bearings and seals to new units. All you need is to send us the model number and serial number off of your existing unit, and Akron Gear will work with Cone Drive to insure you have the correct parts, when you need them!

Cone Drive Gearsets

Gearboxes and parts, and gearsets. Cone Drive's double enveloping gearsets are fast becoming the standard in worm gear drives due to their tremendous torque capabilities. The unique design of the Cone Drive worms make them the strongest worm gear sets in the industry.

We can replace your current gearsets from gearboxes and applications, or assist you in converting standard worm gear sets over to Cone Drive Double Enveloping Worm Gear Sets.

Cone Drive Gearboxes

Cone Drive DuoDrive Gearbox

Duo Drive

Pinch roll reducers use one worm on the power input shaft to turn two gears simultaneously, in opposite rotations. Pinch roll reducers are designed for applications such as cold-rolling or tube mills, where very high torque is needed to smoothly propel metal through high pressure mill rollers.

Water cooling with finned O.D. tubing is available for sizes D40 through D240. Fan cooling is available for limited sizes. An oil circulation pump may be mounted and driven directly from the blind end of a single extended input shaft for size D40 through D240

  • Two double-enveloping worm gears rotating in opposite directions, sharing a single input shaft
  • Standard center distance sizes from 50.8 mm or 2.000 inches to 609.6 mm 24.000 inches
  • Same options as for standard single reduction worm gear reducers: double extended input or output shafts, hollow shafts, motor bell and coupling
  • Fan or water cooling available, depending on size
  • Double reduction possible, using additional double-enveloping worm gear primary.

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Cone Drive Extruder DriveExtruder Drive

Extruder Drive Reducers are designed for screw pressures up to 68,948kPa or 10,000 P.S.I. The thrust bearing on the output shaft will provide capacity to take the screw thrust directly without additional external bearings. This convenient thrust arrangement is integrally mounted within the Double Enveloping Worm Gear Reducer to produce a rugged, compact drive package for all your extruder requirements.

  • Rigid thrust housing.
  • Tapered roller thrust bearing.
  • Rigid input shafts and large bearings permit primary sheaves to be mounted directly, without external support.
  • Dual output shaft oil seals for severe continuous duty applications.
  • Motor mounting adapters for direct mounting of standard "C" face motors.
  • Drive can be mounted in any attitude from horizontal to vertical output; input can be horizontal, under, over, or vertical.
  • Gearset ratios from 5:1 to 70:1.
  • Fan or water cooling available, depending on size.


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Cone Drive Model HPModel HP (Cone Drive)

Model HP double-enveloping worm gear speed reducers are designed for all applications that require extremely high torque and accuracy in a quiet, compact package. Model HP speed reducers have higher shock resistance, greater endurance to withstand heavy starting and stopping loads, and can easily transmit two to three times as much torque as cylindrical worm gearing. Precision is increased, and backlash, chatter and noise are minimized. These speed reducers are designed for applications such as metalworking machinery, printing equipment and packaging machinery, mining equipment, and many others.

Model HP double and triple reduction worm gear speed reducers combine single reduction speed reducers into one assembly. These units are built using double-enveloping worm gearing. Each of the gearsets is supported by heavy-duty tapered roller bearings and housed in its own heat dissipating housing. We assemble our Model HP double and triple reduction speed reducers to order from standard Cone Drive parts. Interchangeability of parts means rapid manufacturing and delivery for our customers.

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Cone Drive Radicaon Series ASeries A Radicon

The Series A comes in Junior, Midrange, and Heavy Duty ranges. Units can be mounted in the worm under, worm over and gearshaft vertical mounting positions and provide a choice of shaft arrangements. Series A gives a choice of 12 standard ratios from 5:1 to 70:1, 14 standard ratios in the Heavy Duty from 5:1 to 70:1.

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Cone Drive Reducers

bullet Duo Drive
bullet Extruder Drive
bullet Model HP (Cone Drive)
bullet Series A Radicon

Please contact Akron Gear for other styles of Cone Drive Units not listed here.

Cone Drive Model HP Gearbox

Don't trust your Cone Drive units to just anyone, Rebuild it with people who know it best.

Akron Gear & Cone Drive

Contact Akron Gear With Your Cone Drive Needs

or Email Bill Moore with any questions.

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